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The Swiss model is among the best in the world, the landscape and nature still preserved and protected.

The pool has some of the best military, nuclear, social and hospital protection in the world.

Neutral Switzerland is a virtuous state with a stable currency. It has sound public finances and tax rates ranging between 10% and 15% depending on the canton chosen as its seat or residence.
VAT is 7.70%, public safety and health work well, bureaucracy is kept to a minimum and is almost entirely manageable via the internet.

The Locarno region is particularly suitable for residence, Italian language, very high quality of life.

The canton of Zug and Geneva are suitable for the company headquarters.

to do list:

  • preliminary analysis with interview via Skype or Watsup

  • Swiss tax verification and assessment

  • tax examination of the country of origin

  • examination for obtaining a residence permit

  • Total cost count and benefit estimate

  • start of work


Elvex di Manlio Pozzi
Consulenza aziendale internazionale
ditta individuale
Locarno Switzerland


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