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Financing of works of art 


  • artwork

  • precious gems

  • gold



- analysis by the bank's expert of the work.

Unless the picture is brought to the office, the travel of the Expert and the appraisal are charged to the customer.

It is paid to the bank directly and is variable based on the transfer, it can vary from a minimum of 15,000 to a maximum of 25,000 Euros (it is not evaluated in relation to the value of the framework)
Once the Panel has been appraised, the expert will:
- opening of a banking relationship
- account opening and credit line
- deposit of the work in the vault of the lending bank (Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom) timing: 7 days

for stones and gold there is no transfer of the expert, ask for info at


Elvex di Manlio Pozzi
Consulenza aziendale internazionale
ditta individuale
Locarno Switzerland


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