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Commercial reporting:


You would like access to wealth management  exclusive that gives you access to financial services reserved for a small elite of selected people?

If you become aware that there is a financial management company authorized by Finma and operating in Switzerland, which puts your tiles into assets wherever they are in the EU, however  guaranteeing your contribution under management against the loss of  capital with an insurance in the form of   bank guarantee, might it interest you?


Do you want to know better the conditions?

Whether the painting is cataloged raisonné or that it has had awards and publications, with a minimum value of 1.5 M  cumulative works up to 10 M management access threshold

what can we offer you?

Asset management on 50% of the appraised value,

For the returns visible the historical.

minimum duration one year


Elvex di Manlio Pozzi
Consulenza aziendale internazionale
ditta individuale
Locarno Switzerland


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