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Rent to Buy (lease-back)

The RTB (rent to buy) formula is strongly attracting the interest of customers, since they are able to pay a fee with less effort than the purchase, which, although higher on a monthly basis, is allocated to the price account, and therefore through the payment of an initial deposit, and a final sum to exercise the purchase option, if you become the owner of it, having been placed in possession immediately, whether it be for your new residence, beach house, mountain, business Industrial, With our organization, once you have identified the "property" of your interest, you can acquire a "CALL OPTION TO BUY" for 3 to 15 years.

The "CALL OPTION TO BUY" will allow you to:

  1. To be immediately placed in possession of the property through a rental contract of the same duration as the "CALL OPTION TO BUY" and with a fixed monthly or weekly fee.

  2. To freeze the price of the property from today, avoiding increases and revaluations.

  3. To transfer the option to third parties at any time, increasing its value and collecting the surplus value.

  4. To be able to sublet the property in case, obtaining a profit from the management of the same.

  5. To be able to fiscally deduct the rents that will be regularly billed to you.

  6. With a small additional deposit, you can acquire, together with the "CALL", a "PUT" option, which will allow you to exercise, after 5 years without additional penalties, the redemption of ownership of the property itself, with a considerable saving in rental costs. and interests for the period.

If you are interested in proceeding:

  1. Request a quote / offer without obligation by filling in the form "INQUIRIES / GENERAL INFORMATION" that you find below

  2. You will receive our quote / offer. Should it be of interest to you, you must return it countersigned for acceptance to the same email address from which you received it, or by post to the following address:

  3. You will shortly receive the APPLICATION FORM, which summarizes all the main terms of the agreement to be evaluated. If the general indicative terms are correct, you will need to send the requested amount as an “ARRANGEMENT FEE” and we will pass your proposal for the “CALL OPTION TO BUY” concession resolution to the steering committee.

  4. What happens after the positive "CALL OPTION TO BUY" concession resolution

  5. You will receive the general terms and conditions of the agreement, which you will need to sign at the office of one of our consultants (lawyer, accountant, affiliated agent), or at our offices, by appointment, and pay the agreed deposit following the instructions indicated.

  6. From that moment, within 8/10 weeks, you will be given an appointment by the NOTARY to sign the "CALL OPTION TO BUY" contract, the "RENTAL CONTRACT" and hand over the keys to your new property. (the term of 8/12 weeks may vary according to the times of appraisal and administrative regularity checks on the property itself)

  7. You will begin to pay the monthly fees as foreseen by the payment plan, until the payment of the ransom to register the property after the last scheduled rent.




  • Practical acceptance and signature of the end of terms at the same time

  • Notary deed, property purchase and call option,

  • payment of Equity x, x%

  • (to be established based on the property)

  • timing 8/12 weeks

  • Fund payment,

  • payment of the leasing fee until redemption



  • Who are my interlocutors? The Fund is a company incorporated under Irish law based in Dublin, engaged in the real estate sector, and more precisely in the following lines of business:

  • What goal is achieved? Purchase commercial and residential properties for long-term leasing

  • Purchase of real estate and residential properties to be resold in Rent to Buy mode (rent to own, which is better mentioned later in this report)

  • Purchase of real estate and residential properties to be restored and put up for immediate sale with mark up

  • Temporary business association with builders for the completion of residential and commercial buildings to be put up for sale

  • RTB (Rent To Buy) business line.

  • The main interest is in the properties defined as "distressed", or object of foreclosure or real estate executions, which in the Anglo-Saxon system operate through the custody of auditing and asset management companies, and the sale managed by REAL ESTATE AGENTS to ensure the sale to fair market values.

  • Properties are often reported by the credit institutions themselves for resolved mortgages or leases or non-performing positions, or by local real estate funds.

  • The target proposed by the fund is for properties from 150 thousand euros with a value up to 15 million, mainly of a commercial nature, but residential properties are also taken into consideration.

  • The target, in fact, mainly refers to some parameters of income, and of the return on investment, in addition to the market value.

  • The company has developed an interest in properties whose purchase price can be max 70% of the market value / appraisal, and that the rent or rent is at least 8/11% of the value.

  • An annual revaluation of 2% is calculated on them in a prudential manner, even if a recovery of the market and therefore more profitable revaluations in% terms has already been found in a few months.

  • At the moment our analysts and financial consultants have devised various formulas to intervene with the RTB system for the purchase of your property. We try to make access to the property easier


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