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credit rehabilitation Italy



Italian legislation allows over-indebted people or companies to clean up and get back in the game, once again creditworthy.
The steps to be taken and possible procedures are listed below.
The service is paid only when you get the result, so don't waste time, contact us, send the documentation and let's go towards a new future.


1 step




Call us,
you will be contacted by us for free
if you want faster service
obtain the documents requested in the lists, attach them to the email and start the analysis and solution work
Payment is only when you get the result
the complete cleansing of the position and recovery


2nd phase


start action select doc


3 stages


The third step is the continuous intervention on your creditors
together we will manage times, methods and costs.

you will no longer receive phone calls
The coach will deal directly with creditors


4 phase

The result obtained will be the total cleaning of the customer's name, the repurchase of creditworthiness, a total rehabilitation.
Our compensation will be due only to the result achieved.




Your home can be foreclosed and auctioned by several parties (bank, financial, various creditors, condominium, etc.).
It is possible to intervene in various ways to block the auction, buy time, negotiate with the executors and regain possession of the property.
Although the practices are apparently similar, each case must be treated separately.
And even if your property is already up for auction, you can find the right solution.




The extracted balance is an agreement that is reached between debtor and creditor to permanently close a debt position.
The amount, terms and timing of payment are agreed, with nothing expecting from either party. Professionals like us need to take care of you.
Legal expertise and experience are needed to get results and close debt situations once and for all
Mortgages, loans and credit lines with banks.
Loans from financial companies.

To achieve the goal, negotiating an expert is essential.


In Italian law, foreclosure is defined as the act with which forced expropriation begins.
It is the injunction that the bailiff makes to the debtor to refrain from any act aimed at subtracting the assets subject to him and the relative profits from the credit guarantee.
The law allows for asset protection tools that can be applied against creditors, such as:
Contribution of assets to a fund
Contribution to a trust.
If you have seized your assets, please contact us




Compounding occurs when interest expense accrued in a bank account and debited from the same account becomes the basis upon which further interest accrues.
This procedure is applied without your knowledge and is difficult to discover.
An assessment identifies harassing elements in contracts as illegal interest charges.
If compound interest or usury is found, it is possible to request the repetition of the interest unduly collected or the return.
Compound banking interest is illegitimate and it is possible to counter it with actions of:
Examination of banking documentation.
Calculation of usurious interests.
Action against the bank.




For ENTREPRENEURS and PROFESSIONALS today it is possible to stipulate the Agreement with Creditors, on the basis of a plan proposed by the Debtor.
All entrepreneurs who demonstrate at the same time that they:
They have had, in the last three years, a total annual patrimony not exceeding 300,000 euros.
Having achieved a gross annual turnover not exceeding € 200,000 in the same financial years.
Having more debts, even if not overdue, not exceeding 500,000 euros.
The Consumer Plan tends to the same result without the need for a prior agreement with creditors and is reserved for SUBJECTS (Consumers).
In the liquidation of assets, there is the will of the debtor to liquidate his assets directly and in full to reduce debts.

In case of non-payment of the mortgage installments, the debtor is reported to the databases. They are called Risk Center or SIC (Credit Information Systems) and among the best known are the Bank of Italy, CRIF (EURISC manager), Infocamere, Experian, CTC, Cerved and others.
The reporting period is variable:

1 month in case of refusal of a loan.
6 months in the event of a loan request during the preliminary investigation phase.
12 months from the payment regularization date, if the delay in payment of the installment is less than two months and relating to a maximum of two installments.
24 months from the date of regularization, if the delay in payment is more than two months.
36 months in the event of unsettled arrears and the time period is calculated from the expiry date of the relationship.
While the problem is resolved, we offer the possibility of having online accounts abroad where the name is not listed and there are no obstacles to opening.


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