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Elvex is a  

Software producer

and hardware expert.



and lvex is also a leader in information technology, in the production of management software and trading programs. Our technology was born in the new silicon valley of Ticino. Experienced and experienced programmers satisfy your every need in this field where we complete the service with the supply of hardware adapted to your needs at very competitive prices but with a very high quality .


Elvex & VoIP


and lvex solves all your company's communications for internet, telephony at a significantly reduced cost. You will be able to have a fixed number that diverts two calls on the internet and will reach you at no cost wherever you are.
We can provide you with switchboard and video conferencing services taking you to a new level of digital work


Elvex and Security

Elvex builds a defense around you, Firewall, VPN, backup in Switzerland with the protection of your data can finally restore your serenity that your precious data does not fall into the hands of the enemy.


Elvex di Manlio Pozzi
Consulenza aziendale internazionale
ditta individuale
Locarno Switzerland


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